Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Our restaurant cleaning services include standard and general cleaning services tailored to those who operate restaurant kitchens of any scale. This includes formal dining kitchens, bar kitchens, hotel kitchens, and much more. Cleaning your restaurant kitchen or area where food is formally prepared and served for a public audience is done to ensure safety and sanitation of the conditions in which you’re working with food in. Our restaurant cleaning services are budget-friendly, efficient, and can save you time from attempting to clean the space on your own, giving you more time to focus on your restaurant environment and food preparation!

Kitchen Cleaning

We clean all types of restaurant kitchens where food is prepared and food is served. Our kitchen cleaning services typically include polishing all appliances and removing debris, cleaning underneath countertops and preparation surfaces, as well as flooring and behind the appliances where debris has a tendency to build up. Having your kitchen cleaned frequently can lead to less mess over time and reduce the amount of bacteria and debris that needs to be cleaned on a daily basis to leave your kitchen in a suitable condition for the next round of food preparation.

Appliance Cleaning

As mentioned previously, we assist in appliance cleaning when taking on our standard restaurant cleaning services. We clean all appliances from the inside out, including ovens, stovetops, dish washers, refrigerators, and even ice machines. The process to clean each appliance is different and varies, but can significantly increase both productivity of the appliance and enhanced quality of the items prepared using them. We clean the appliance using detail and thoroughness so that debris isn’t lodged within the appliance, nor are filters clogged that could result in fire hazards or malfunctions of the appliance itself.

Serving Area Cleaning

As with most restaurants, there is usually an area that conjoins the kitchen to the public area where clients enjoy their food. This serving area or place where plates and food wait to be served, can also accumulate dust and debris if not cleaned. We clean the space around and below the serving area so that bacteria and buildup cannot reach the food while it’s waiting to reach the customer. Since these areas are often connected to the kitchen or surrounded by a bar area or drink service station, buildup is natural, making it even more important to keep the space clean.

Commercial Restaurant Cleaning

We also provide our restaurant cleaning services to commercial properties that also host food preparation areas, such as cafeterias or canteens. These areas can easily accumulate debris in and around their kitchens because of how frequently they’re used and the amount of food they can prepare for larger, commercial crowds. We offer commercial restaurant and hood cleaning to reduce overall contamination but also to help bring your restaurant or food preparation stations back up to code standards. Without professional commercial cleaning services, you might struggle to adequately pass health inspections or be aware of places where debris and bacteria can buildup over time.

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