Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, and grease that has built up or accumulated inside of the kitchen hood or exhaust system. This system is used to filter out these types of debris during the cooking process, but the excess can readily stick to and layer inside of the system, leading to future fire hazards, failing filtration, and overused kitchen hoods that cannot remove the debris to the best of their ability.

Codes and Regulations

Our kitchen hood cleaning services are intended to bring your kitchen back up to code standard. Our cleaning services are all created to enhance your kitchen’s hood and filtration system, making sure it meets all codes and regulations laid out by local authorities and national ones. This means that if our kitchen hood cleaning isn’t able to help you pass a cleanliness inspection, then we aren’t doing our job correctly. We follow code and safety regulations to a T so that you don’t have worry about your kitchen meeting those standards, once we’ve completed our work.

Fire Prevention

Along with maintaining health and safety codes and regulations, our kitchen hood cleaning services are also done to prevent fires and kitchen hazards. Since your hood system is directly linked to electrical units and appliances that produce fire or heat, it is crucial that your hood system is kept clean and clear of excess debris to remove the threat of igniting a fire, or debris overheating and causing combustion. Fire prevention is not only important to you and your kitchen, but also for the safety of those working in the kitchen and operating the appliances to prepare the food.

Grease Removal

Grease removal is done by scraping and scratching away parts of the grease that are dried and stuck to the surface of the hood system. The grease can become trapped either through the exhaust fan or in the filters of the hood. If your filters are covered and in desperate need of replacing, it may be better to do so than to simply have them scraped and cleaned. Once all of the grease has been loosened or removed, we can then begin by power washing the inside of the hood system and dissolving any remaining debris and grease that is lingering in the hood system. Our grease removal ensures that your hood system is completely cleaned, inside and out, and that you’re able to carry on preparing food in a clean and safe environment.

Hood Filters

Hood filters are applied to the entrance of the hood system to adequately filter out any hard debris that may be sucked into the system itself. This debris is often more noticeable and can build up so much on the hood’s exterior surface that the system, as a whole, fails to filter the rest of the air or odors being extracted when cooking. Hood filters should be replaced or cleaned often for optimal use in order for the hood system to filter bacteria, grease, and odors to the best of its ability.

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