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Rooftop Grease Containment

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Owning or operating a food establishment usually means that you’ve got a kitchen on hand that you prepare food in. Whether it’s a commercial food building or a restaurant open for the public, removing grease and buildup is an integral part of maintaining health and safety standards in the food preparation environment. When exhaust fans and hood systems aren’t cleaned often and neglected after much use, this can lead to significant damage in your roofing system because of the build up, which can be challenging and costly to remove.

Grease Containment

After your roof has formally been contaminated by grease, it can be severely damaging to your roof, regardless of what type of building material it’s been built from. Attempting to remove the buildup of grease on your own can be difficult and result in further damage to your roof, causing you more in repair expenses. When your roof has been ruined or contaminated by grease, it typically voids the warranty that comes with most roofs or at least their building materials. To avoid the high costs of a damaged roof, our grease containment services help divert the need for such extra repairs and costs.

Reducing Buildup

Since most roofs are made from gravel, tar, or cement composites, the exposure to grease and heat can cause these materials to bubble and dry into a slimy or sticky substance that can’t be removed with a broom or mop. Instead, you’ll need heavy-duty removal services that are offered by professionals. While we may not be able to fix existing damages that grease has already caused, we can help prevent future ones with grease containment measures where the grease is filtered into pots or containers that automatically filter it straight from the exhaust system and hold it in place until it can be emptied.

Food Quality

Rooftop grease containment is not only helpful to your exhaust system and your roof, but can improve the quality of the food you serve, because the exhaust system is working with maximum potential and reducing the bacteria and grease that would otherwise linger in and around the food you prepare and serve. Ultimately, the quality of the food you prepare and serve can be enhanced or maintained with cleaner kitchen hood systems, as the filtration of grease to another outlet on the roof means it won’t contaminate your final products.

Hazard Prevention

When your rooftop has been exposed to grease contamination, this can result in a number of hazards including the health and wellbeing of your employees in the kitchen setting, as well as the quality of the food prepared, and the overall safety of your kitchen exhaust system. Less grease means that your exhaust system can function to the best of its ability and your roof is well maintained under factory warranty. Another hazard preventative that we take is to avoid fire or overheating, as using the exhaust system that becomes blocked with excessive grease can lead to combustion or even a fire, if not looked after regularly. We also offer restaurant cleaning services.