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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Diego Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

When attempting to clean your kitchen exhaust system, there is much more to be done than to simply wipe away the layers of dust and debris buildup. In fact, cleaning the kitchen exhaust system requires deep sanitation to remove hard layers of buildup and grease, as well as remove dust in a way that will not allow it to spread or clog the system as a whole. When your kitchen exhaust system is cleaned often and well, you can worry less about dust and bacteria lingering in the food you prepare, when the exhaust system is on. You’ll also notice the exhaust system’s ability to quickly reduce odors and smoke from cooking, when it is thoroughly cleaned.


When considering how to go about cleaning your kitchen exhaust system, we always advise clients to keep in mind the safety of their employees, the building, and their clients. When a kitchen exhaust system is not regularly cleaned, it can result in fire hazards or cause employees to become sick from working in a contaminated environment. We recommend kitchen operators put the safety of others first and have the kitchen exhaust system cleaned frequently to avoid fires and bacteria spreading.


The cleaning process of removing debris from your kitchen exhaust system includes scraping and removing hard buildup that has been encrusted onto the surface or inside of your exhaust. Once completed, we can then power wash the inside of the exhaust system using our specially-designed power washers that remove remaining debris. In order to clean exhaust systems according to code standards, we follow the steps laid out by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which guides cleaning pros, like ourselves, on the safest and most efficient methods for cleaning kitchen exhaust systems.

Food Quality

The kitchen exhaust system can also do more than compromise the safety of those in and around the kitchen, but it can lead to poorer food qualities being produced from the kitchen. When the exhaust system is overflowed or rarely cleaned, the dust buildup can easily be redistributed back into the kitchen’s air or fall into the food being prepared, when in use. When this happens, the food quality is lowered and this can result in costly mistakes that could have been avoided with regular exhaust system cleanings.

Employee Health

If you’re a kitchen operator with employees that work in your kitchen, you may also be compromising their health as well. Most of the debris that’s collected in the exhaust system is both grease and dust, which can then be spread back into the air when the system is in use. For employees with sensitive allergies or who are vulnerable to such smells and bacteria, you may be altering their health in the process. With more employees that are sick or unable to work in such conditions, this can take a toll on your business and the long-term health of your workers. To avoid this, we recommend frequent exhaust system cleanings to remove debris. We also doing restaurant vent hood cleaning service.