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Carlsbad Hood Cleaning

this picture shows carlsbad hood cleaning

Dirt in your kitchen range from the obvious kitchen wastes to the unseen greasy hoods. At Carlsbad Hood Cleaning, we clean your kitchen to San Diego standards. This means we clean what you can see and the hidden dirt that you can't see in and around your kitchen hood or canopy.

Our level of cleanliness complies with all insurance requirements. On top of that, we have specialized software with alarms that help in scheduling and reminding us of all upcoming cleaning routines.

Thus, you can rest assured that your kitchen will never be exposed to any fire risks from dirty hoods or issues of non-compliance with your insurance terms.

Our cleaning routine is very thorough to ensure an ever lean kitchen canopy, hood, gutters, flue, and filters.

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Importance Of Cleaning Your Kitchen Hood Or Canopy

  • Minimizes the risk of kitchen fires
  • Removes food remains as a control measure for unwanted rodents and other insects
  • It is a requirement by insurance policies
  • Ensure efficient ventilation of smoke and other odors
  • Meet OH&S requirements
  • Minimize damage, tear and wear caused by dirty surfaces

Why Us

  • Our Equipment

We have invested in the best power-vacuum equipment, air compressors, and other cleaning equipment available on the market. 

  • Our Professionals

We take pride in a fully trained team of cleaning experts. Thus, we only deliver quality and flawless services from the best team in Carlsbad.

  • Our Management

We have one guiding slogan: Do whatever it takes for a sparkling clean kitchen hood! Our technicians always work extra hard to ensure every kitchen hood or canopy they are cleaning is cleaned to the highest standards possible.

  • We Are Specialized

Cleaning kitchen hoods is our only business. Unlike many other companies, we give duct cleaning all the attention it deserves.

We have also mastered what we do. We know all the challenges to anticipate. And, we have invested in all the equipment and expertise required to offer the best kitchen hood cleaning service you will ever get.

 Reach us on 619-374-0724  for a quick quote.