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Diego Hood Cleaning - About

Your kitchen hood system is a series of fans and pipes that remove odors, grease, and debris that can accumulate during cooking or food preparation. When these systems aren’t regularly cleaned, the can continue to build up and lower the quality of both your products and the working environment. To avoid this, hood cleaning pros are available to thoroughly clean your kitchen hoods, exhaust systems, and remove grease and bacteria that can cause illness, injury, fire hazards, or lower the overall experience and quality of your restaurant or food. Your health and safety are important, so let professional hood cleaning pros make it easier to maintain that standard!

San Diego Hood Cleaning has been the city’s go-to hood cleaning service for many years. We’ve built our business around your needs for a clean kitchen and sanitized cooking appliances. We work with both residential and commercial kitchens to enhance their cooking and sanitation systems inside the food preparation area. This also includes the industrial gadgets that go with them, including the kitchen exhaust system, rooftop grease containment, and hood filter cleaning. When these systems aren’t adequately cleaned in your kitchen or restaurant, you’re not only compromising the safety of the working environment, but also the quality of the food prepared and those who work to prepare it. Therefore, we make our services easily obtainable and affordable, so you never have to worry again if your kitchen or hood system is up to code standard or jeopardizing the integrity of your kitchen as a whole. Contact us today for more info.