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    Claire Scherer
    Claire Scherer
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    My experience with San Diego Hood Cleaning was great. The first day I called them the lady on the phone was super helpful and booked us in for a few days later. The two guys who came to clean our kitchen hood were really friendly, professional, and knew what they were doing. I also got a quote from them for my rooftop grease trap cleaning which is coming up next month
    Dorothy Wilburn
    Dorothy Wilburn
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    The owner was on time, professional and did a great job! The price was fair. He even alerted me to items of my new hood system that the installer missed which were out of code. I will be recommending this company to colleagues and using their service again in six months
    Alyssa Piquet
    Alyssa Piquet
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    Easy to schedule, on time and did a great job doing a hood cleaning. Would highly recommend to others looking for hood cleaning in San Diego.
    Samuel Owens
    Samuel Owens
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    Our hood had not been cleaned for almost a decade. The noises from it were making my wife uneasy. She could not sleep until I got a company to clean it up for us. Great job
    Koala and The Tree
    Koala and The Tree
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    They came and did our residential hood. Professionalism is clearly a standard and the guys were really friendly. I’m saving this number for the next time I need to get a hood cleaning done.


    The hood system of your kitchen is a vital part to the health and safety of the kitchen as a whole. Without a clean and functioning hood system, your kitchen may fail to meet codes and regulations, serve adequate and quality food items, or protect your employees from the hazards in an unclean kitchen. To reduce the chances of all of the risks above, it’s advised to have your kitchen hoods cleaned often, especially if you’re an operating restaurant or commercial kitchen that produces frequent and large amounts of food items on a daily basis. With the help of professional hood cleaning pros, the job to clean your hoods can be made simpler than ever before. Call 619-374-0724 to get a quote today!

    About Us

    San Diego Hood Cleaning is the city’s premier hood cleaning service, specializing in a range of services that optimize your kitchen’s cleanliness and overall use. We aim to bring sanitation and efficiency to your kitchens. We’ve made our services incredibly accessible and affordable for all those that are interested in investing in the safety and cleanliness of their kitchens and food preparation spaces. Furthermore, our services meet all of the approved health and safety codes and regulations that help monitor the standard of your kitchen’s operations, so you can trust that we’ll get the job done right – each and every time.

    Our Services

    Our range of products and services was designed with you in mind. This means that we’ve taken into account all of the types of cleaning services our clients are looking for when it comes to keeping their kitchens clean and free from debris. We assist with standard kitchen cleaning services, hood cleaning, filter replacements, and commercial fire prevention, just to name a few. All of our services are backed by our guarantee for excellence and customer satisfaction.

    View Of Modern Clean Restaurant Kitchen Interior

    Kitchen Hood Cleaning

    Kitchen hood cleaning is done by thoroughly removing all hard grease stains and buildup, as well as power washing the system as a whole, replacing or removing old filters, and removing other cooking stains that may have found their way into the hood system or could prevent it from working to the best of its ability.

    Over time, grease will build up in your kitchen’s ducts, fans, hoods, and vents. Our job is simple, we clean them all on a regular basis, or if you are going through a really busy season, as often as you would like us to. Over here at San Diego Hood Cleaning, we treat your kitchen as if it’s our own!

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Kitchen exhaust cleaning takes on the challenge of cleaning the inside and outside of the exhaust system, where bacteria and odors are filtered during cooking and food preparation. This is done by scraping hardened grease that has accumulated on the sides of the exhaust system and dried in place. Once loosened, these can be power washed or wiped off, depending on the strength and thickness of the layers.

    Time is one of the most important things about this type of service and we understand it. Our crews are always on time. We clean your exhaust fan, grease trap, hood filters, and install exhaust fan hinges. Commercial kitchen cleaning is important and so is reliability. Given our track record of reliability, we are also the ones who can keep your kitchen spotless.

    Diego Hood Cleaning - Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
    Extraction Hood Supply Air Return - Kitchen Ventilation Systems

    Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

    Restaurant vent hood cleaning is the method we use to filter out any debris that is caught in the vent of your kitchen’s hood system. This can typically be done using a suctioning or vacuuming tools to reduce the debris and pick up any loosened or hard pieces of grease that are stuck to the surface.

    Are you ready for regular restaurant vent hood cleaning? Call us up and ask about one of our regular maintenance packages. We have a few pre set up, but we have no problem making a custom maintenance plan just for you!

    Rooftop Grease Containment

    Rooftop grease containment is the process of trapping and removing grease that has accumulated on the roof where the exhaust system deposits it after use. Excessive grease buildup on the roof can cause damage to the roof itself and eventually lead to potential fire hazards and costly damages to repair in both your exhaust system and roof.

    All that old cooking oil that has gotten stuck in all the wrong places will soon be an issue no longer. When you call us, we can help walk you through and inform you about our processes and hook you up with one of our brand-new oil filtration systems!

    Grease trap cleaning, oven ventilation cleaning, and exhaust cleaning are all things that have to take place. When you have to clean anything in your kitchen call us because we are the most dependable and reliable kitchen cleaners in San Diego. Our job is to make sure your kitchen is spotless so you can keep those hungry foodies coming and business booming! Call 619-374-0724.

    Diego Hood Cleaning - Rooftop Grease Containment
    San Diego Hood Cleaning - Restaurant Cleaning Services

    Restaurant Cleaning Services

    Our restaurant cleaning services include general cleaning for your restaurant or kitchen space, including in and around appliances, under countertops, and behind appliances. We also aim to clean spaces where food may be stored or served, to prevent debris from accessing the food when in place.

    We understand that the food industry is very competitive and time is everything. We also know that it is increasingly stressful on you as the business owner seeing as there is almost a new kitchen code that comes up every day. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to create solutions specially tailored just for you, so that your business and hours are never affected.

    Deep cleaning a commercial kitchen is a lot more in-depth than cleaning your home kitchen, and many more things have to be considered.  Some of the things we would need to consider are exhaust fan cleaning, kitchen fire prevention, rooftop grease containment, and more. Lucky for you, we at San Diego Hood Cleaning are experts in it all.

    Air Duct Cleaning

    No matter if you are just a mom and pop shop or have a chain of restaurants across the country, you need to go big if you want to grow. Restaurant duct cleaning that is given just half of an effort can lead to much bigger problems down the road. This is a serious business, to make sure the job is done right call San Diego Hood Cleaning, we don’t cut corners.

    Want proof that we are doing well? We have plenty of other kitchens all over San Diego that would be willing to vouch for us. Need more? All of our staff are highly trained and continues to receive ongoing education throughout their time with us so that they stay on top of the most recent changes in the kitchen cleaning business.

    Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

    Commercial kitchen fire prevention is the process of clearing and maintaining a commercial kitchen space to ensure that any food prepared in the space or served is done so in a clean and safe environment without the threat of starting an unnecessary fire as the result of improper cleaning. Since appliances are often connected to electrical units with ventilation systems or can produce heat, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the filters and vents are kept clean, especially when regularly used in commercial spaces for larger crowds.

    Diego Hood Cleaning - Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention

    Contact Us For More Information

    If you’re interested in learning more about our products and services, we welcome you to contact us directly using the service number provided in our website. Through this number, you can speak to one of our customer service agents about setting up an appointment or a consultation regarding one of our hood cleaning services. We’re also able to provide free quotes through the contact form found on our main page. Just fill in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

    Because we have many years of experience, and technicians with even more experience, we provide nothing short of the best results when it comes to hood cleaning. We are the most efficient hood cleaning company in San Diego and it shows, not one detail goes unnoticed by our veteran hood cleaning technicians.

    It took a lot of hard work, but we are proud to say that we are the #1 hood cleaning business in San Diego. Being the best requires a certain level of skill and experience, and it shows because nobody else can remove all the grease and clean all your vents as we can!

    Multiple partners and multiple invoices are a pain that nobody likes dealing with. By working with us you will only need to call one time, we have the best customer service in town. Our customer service makes sure that your experience is worry-free because they know you’ve already got enough on your plate (no pun intended). So please, look no further and give San Diego Hood Cleaning a call today!

    All of the oils, fats, and meat by-products that we collect from cleaning your ducts, kitchen exhaust system, restaurant vents, and rooftop grease container, will be processed or reused if it is possible. We work with many processing facilities in California. We handle this process on our own completely for you and your convenience. We are masters at this kitchen cleaning trade and proud of it. Please call San Diego Hood Cleaning and take advantage of all the knowledge we have and hire us to deep clean your kitchen of all the fats, oils, and grease, that has been caught in the tightest of places.

    Our services are extremely time flexible and we work around your schedule. One of our top priorities is making sure we do not interrupt your business hours!

    Our pricing is extremely affordable and we have different payment options. We focus on high-quality restaurant vent hood cleaning so that our clients are always more than happy they decided to choose us for the job. Affordable doesn’t mean we cut any corners either, it means we have become efficient and knowledgeable in our trade and can do the job quicker and cheaper than the competition.

    Give San Diego Hood Cleaning a call today at 619-374-0724 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts in the hood cleaning business. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know and we will do everything we can to answer and solve them for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    overview of a professional kitchen with all the materials
** Note: Slight graininess, best at smaller sizes

    “I got in touch with San Diego Hood Cleaning to help me clean the rooftop grease on top of our building. It tends to accumulate there, in large amounts, every week because we have a canteen in our office that gets used every day by employees. Not only do they keep the roof clean and help reduce our roof repair bills, but they keep our employees safe as well to avoid fire hazards in the workplace.” – Ken B.

    Interior of Restaurant Commercial Kitchen With Stainless Steel Equipment

    “I hired San Diego Hood Cleaning for some standard restaurant cleaning services, such as cleaning the space between my appliances and deep cleaning my stovetop and industrial oven. We run a small café that gets used daily so cleanliness is our top priority. I don’t want to put my employees in danger by asking them to clean these appliances or move them, so I hired the professionals to do it for me and I’ve never been happier with the results! San Diego Hood Cleaning is really thorough and precise with their restaurant cleaning services. Thanks, guys!” – Jessica R.

    Modern kitchen in the restaurant with stainless equipment

    “The team at San Diego Hood Cleaning is really professional when it comes to kitchen hood cleaning. They came in and recommended that we invest in some new hood filters for our kitchen in order to help our exhaust work better. Since we prepare a lot of food in advance, we don’t want our kitchen still smelling throughout the day when it’s not in use. With the new added filters and a clean exhaust system, our kitchen feels fresh and clean almost as soon as we finish cooking!” – Stephen G.